I introduce you le Ciabattine

I was born and raised in the family upholstery business, my mom always salvaged scraps to create fashion accessories. To this wealth of experience I added an idea and my passion for fashion and artisan fashion.

Le Ciabattine are the best quality Made in Italy, customizable and unique footwear that can be worn all year round.

The strengths are comfort, design, complete customization of the product and multi-seasonality.

Tradition, innovation and sustainability come together to give birth to a new fashion idea: Le Ciabattine

“Le Ciabattine are a combination of the work of several craftsmen, unique pieces that for this very reason require time and care in making.”

Le Ciabattine, as unique as YOU!

The models, available for women and men, are strictly Made in Italy, 100 percent crafted by artisans.

Le Ciabattine are a sustainable choice because they are made from upholstery scraps.

Unique Pieces, as Le Ciabattine are created exclusively for you! Model, the material, the fabrics, the sole and the strap are customizable.

You can engrave your name or a small phrase to make your ciabattines even more exclusive.